The EntraHouse Pre-Accelerator is a 12-week online program aimed at helping companies streamline their operations in preparation for market entry and success.


Growth Program

Raising capital is about more than just finding money. EntraHouse custom tailors its Growth Program to connect startups with the right partners to fuel their expansion.


Media Program

Being seen by prospective customers can be a huge challenge. The EntraHouse Media Program will not only prepare you for the spotlight, it will help put you in it.


Getting Funded

As an entrepreneur you are responsible for both your employees and customers. Having access to funding keeps the lights on and the dream alive, and is a critical component of future success. Our expertise within the Nordic ecosystem will help to ensure your startup has access to the best networks for the growth of your business.


Discovering Opportunities

The best way to ensure top ROI is to maximize your information flow. By partnering with EntraHouse for lead generation and procurement, angel investors and venture funds can optimize their portfolios and discover the next big investment opportunity in the Nordics.

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