Gründerklubben – Entrepreneurs Club

Be Part Of The Group

Gründerklubben – The entrepreneurs club, is wholly owned and operated by EntraHouse, and is one of the largest and most active entrepreneurial networks in Scandinavia with over 23,000+ members. There you will not only find advice and consultation free of charge from other founders and entrepreneurs but a group of active professionals who work to help each other in times of need.


If you are chosen as one of EntraHouse’s client companies, your startup will have exclusive access to many of the products and services available through the network, including discounts on software, consulting, and other services provided by members.

You will also have the opportunity to be featured in the club itself, whether to promote your own product or service, or through in-house articles written about your business. We also also looking for partners and sponsors for the club, so please contact us if you want to contribute to help the community grow and prosper. 


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Looking To Grow Your Business?

Based on our core competence we have defined specific programs that we think are relevant for startups and companies under a number of growth scenarios. These programs include a pre-accelerator program aimed at helping companies streamline their operations in preparation for market entry and success, a growth program to connect startups with the right partners to fuel their expansion and a media program designed to put startups in the spotlight.