Accelerate Your Growth

Based on our core competence we have defined specific programs that we think are relevant for startups and companies under a number of growth scenarios


The EntraHouse Pre-Accelerator Program is a comprehensive 12 week online program based on the most up to date advice, strategies and techniques used by successful startups around the world. Our Pre-Accelerator Program is built from the ground up from research and experience from some of the world’s foremost universities and companies to put startups on a fast-track to the future.

Growth Program

The EntraHouse Growth Facilitation Program assists companies in raising capital, both via process oriented interventions and through network access and enablement strategies. In the program, you will be given access to an extended network of investors through both social media and in one on one facilitated settings.

Media Program

The EntraHouse Media Program is designed to put startups in the spotlight. Through a comprehensive review of your company’s communications and branding strategy, EntraHouse prepares every detail of your next launch, pitch or promotion to ensure your media presence speaks fluently with the target audience.